Fabian Multiplex Industries Limited manufactures all types of metal, shank, snap buttons and also eyelets, rivet etc to cater to the requirements of bottoms manufacturers in particular. The manufacturing facilities was established in 1998, at BSCIC Industrial Estate, Sagorica Road, Chittagong. The product range covers; all types of shank buttons, hook & eye buttons, spring snap buttons, press buttons, prong buttons, eyelet & revet etc. Recent addition has been for all types of alloy buttons. Manufacturing process, is comprehensive in nature starting sheet cutting to packing Technical services are provided by the company by deputing its technical team members at the site of garment manufacturers for ensuring proper fixing of such accessories with the help of moulds, tools etc.

Quality Certifications -> All products manufactured in its facility will conform to Oeko-Tex Standard. This certification is renewed on an annual basis. All types of painting and electroplating chemicals are sourced only from approved and nominated suppliers, which enable the company to ensure quality standards and consistency at par with international standards and norms.