Fabian Thread Limited is synonymous with threads. Its Polyester & Embroidery threads are used not just for clothes, but for other applications also like furnishing etc. Manufacturing facility was established way back in 1998 at the BSCIC Industrial Area, Kalurghat, Chittagong. Manufacturing processes, is comprehensive in nature starting soft winding to packing. Product range covers all types of polyester & embroidery threads, i.e. 60/2; 60/3, 50/2, 40/2, 40/3, 30/2; 30/3; 20/2; 20/3; 20/4; 20/5; 20/6; 20/9; 12/2; 12/3 etc. Embroidery thread range covers 120D/2. Filament thread covers 300/D; 150/D; 75/D; 50/D etc. Any colour, including flourocent; grey mélange etc can be supplied. Bleach proof and fire retardant qualities can also be manufactured in its current facility on demand.

Quality Certifications -> All types of thread manufactured in its facility will confirm to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This certification is renewed on an annual basis. All chemicals and dyes are sourced only from approved and nominated suppliers for ensuring quality standards and consistency at par with international standards and norms.